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As a family-owned company, we are responsible Nafih Digital Marketing Agent Co.,Ltd About Me NDMA may be a leading provider of fully integrated customer relationship marketing solutions that maximize results and demonstrate return on marketing investment. we offer the framework Digital Marketing Phnom Penh for organizations to use quantitative marketing strategies to their marketing programs with digital marketing. benefit of all our Digital media and providing our services with a return on their Promotion business commensurate with our valuation as a premier services provider company. This will only be accomplished by our continued specialise in quality, reliability, durability, vocational value and customer service. To this cause, we maintain strong relations with leading and most reliable international partners who have always provided us quality products for our customers.

Cheif Executive Officer

We are a team of experts

While our constant desire to enhance will change a number of the items we do as a corporation , we’ll always still exercise ethical business practices, maintain a respect for the individual and run our business in ways in which earn us the trust of these whom we encounter.

The efforts of our international association continue to focus on expanding our market share and we are pleased with the acceptance we are receiving. To that end, our market share continues to grow and our footprints still expand.


Our people haven’t shied faraway from diligence or difficult tasks. We still believe that our products, services and therefore the value they increase our customers’ businesses remain the elemental elements of our continued success.

“I’ve been very lucky, from the beginning. I’ve found that as long as you’re fundamentally good – as long as you’re not being bad to people – people offer you tons of room to be yourself, because being yourself is being honest. And that’s what people want to see.”


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