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Mostly marketing agencies in Cambodia offer marketing services using MailChimp as it is easy to set up. inexpensive and easy to run the email marketing campaign. For their clients is a local digital marketing agency offering extensive “Email Marketing Service Cambodia ” to any type of business Email marketing

Services in Cambodia includes everything you need to manage your mailing lists and send professional email campaigns by our email marketing system. You can use the system to send the newsletter. client notification and promotion .
Why Choosing The Best Email Marketing Service Cambodia is Important?
Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for small businesses. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing on average sees a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses.
1: No.1 marketing in Cambodia for reduced time & effort
2: very cost-effective in Cambodia
3: Qualifying your leads or prospects with a lead generating and lead nurturing more customer.
4: Easy for running promotions or discount to your new or existing clients local market in Phnom Penh Cambodia
5: Fully tracking & measurable results and convert leads to your customer’s local and international Market.
email marketing Phnom Penh
1 – Build up your email list database in your company
2 – Nafih Digital Marketing will give you over 25,000 email address (Cambodia email address)
3 – Design your email campaign landing & brochures
4 – Create & manage email campaign
5 – i will run Lead capturing setup
6 – Service Build Lead scoring & nurturing analysis
7 – Reporting and build shortlist of potential leads to your sale team
8 – We can offer a training service if the customer has own team to use by themselves
Phnom Penh Service in Cambodia
Cheap Service in Cambodia
Send your promotions with text and images to the world just one minute 1,000,000 emails will fly out through us.
• 100%, not spam or virus
• Receiver no neet click display to view image
• Auto Send forwarding to your email
• Direct link to your website
• 98% Direct Marketing Successful
• New email updating every month
• Click image reply to your email
We provide all the analytics you need to track your emails’ success.

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